About us

Imperial Dates is one of the most reputable and trusted date production companies in the world. We provide customers with the highest quality dates right from the heart of Medina, Saudi Arabia. 

Our dates are unique due to their consistently optimal harvesting conditions and climate, and the way they are cultivated, packed and processed with equally special care and passion give them a premium freshness and taste that cannot be found anywhere else.

Our mission

Delivering Quality

Our mission at Imperial Dates is to deliver products of high value and quality.

At Imperial Dates our drive is based on expanding the company’s barriers at a rapid rate by gaining recognition on a global scale.  The goal is to be instantly known for our sweet yet rich taste of history when indulging on our exquisite dates. Providing the optimum quality is what we work towards on a daily basis. 

Our Vision

To Deliver Across the Globe

Our vision is to expand to an international level, delivering our products to every corner of the globe while still maintaining the consistency of quality and luxury. We strive for greatness by delivering dates of high nutritional value, and our main source of motivation is providing our customers with premium quality dates which are harvested and processed in the most sustainable and safe manner. That is our main goal in order to achieve success. 


Producing the Finest Dates

Imperial Dates is a luxurious and top-notch date production company. Our products are carefully harvested in the most perfect and adequate conditions in order to produce some of the finest dates found in the world today. 

The dates start their journey in some of the finest orchards in the world, in the heart of the city of Medina in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Harvested and packed using the highest level of hygiene and care, which enables the company to maintain great quality throughout the different seasons, as well as through the export process in large quantities to numerous parts of the world, without losing their unique quality and the feel of luxury. 

Our Passion

To Represent our Culture and History of Saudi Arabia

As there is a recent increase in interest in the health promotion of dates’ benefits and properties, pharmaceutical studies have shown that dates are highly nourishing and have numerous benefits to one’s health. Our research suggests that there is a high interest in natural healing, and more people are becoming aware of the benefits and positive outcomes of consuming natural foods. In addition, there is a higher demand than supply, mainly in Europe, leading to a gap in the market to supply premium quality dates.  

Everyone has a passion and ours is providing a true delicacy and quality of dates that reflect our culture and the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.